Gratitude.  I've never really had a problem with that.  Whenever anyone gives me a gift (tangible or otherwise) I am able to express my thanks fairly well.  In fact, I'm an AWESOME letter writer.

I am also, however, an awful letter sender.  (Case in point: I recently found a thank-you letter I forgot to send out for a wedding present...  *ahem*  We've been married over 5 years now.)

It really changes with the gift, though.  When I am blessed with something that was otherwise unattainable, in addition to being something that I had wanted or needed for a great while, I will not only write a flowery note of graciousness, but I'll probably add a few home-baked cookies and flowers, too!  When it's a gift that is either unwanted, unneeded or in any way a burden, I will most likely neglect the heart behind the gift and "forget" to send anything more than a verbal-in-passing thank you.  Oh, I feel guilty (I have a very squishy conscience) but not guilty enough to actually 'do' anything.

I know that I feel slighted every time someone does a similar thing to me, but imagine how God must feel!  His is not a gift merely of convenience, sympathy or momentary kindness; God's gift is one of every day, every moment, breath-to-breath mercy and grace.  His gift was not a cheap blue-light special or a BOGO sale.  His gift cost Him everything. Everything!  And I too often forget to say thank you.  I forget to give Him the one thing He really wants.  He wants my thankful heart.

...I think I need to buy some stamps...