Salvation is great.  I mean, the whole 'saved from hell' thing is really nice.  And the part about God being "Love" and lavishly pouring that love on us?  That's neat, too.  Actually, the entirety of who God is, and our privileges as His children is pretty stinkin' awesome!  BUT.  Sometimes God's big love just isn't enough.  It's all well and good that my eternity is sealed in glory.  I love it and it's wonderful.  It's my sanity for the next two hours I'm worried about!
  • Sometimes I run out of peanut butter, eggs, butter, milk, bread and cheese on the same day!
  • Sometimes diapers explode and there is NO hope for the (once) prized Easter dress (and tights and shoes, and bonnet, and...)!
  • Sometimes my head is pounding so hard I feel there's an entire drum-line behind my eyes.
  • Sometimes my husband comes home from work to let me know he's been fired.
  • Sometimes I get the phone call I've been dreading.
  • Sometimes my heart is broken.
  • Sometimes I just don't know how I'm going to get my pathetic, tearful, psychotic, un-showered mess off the couch to smile at my children... much less make dinner for the family.
  • Sometimes life is hard.
That's when God's promise of daily grace is so crucial.  When the sweet comfort of Jesus takes my hand and whispers to my heart "I've got this moment, lean on me," I am given just the strength I need to press on in a worthy manner.

Here's a "woot" for salvation and eternity in heaven. (No seriously, I really do love that aspect of my faith!)
I give a HUGE "hip-hip-hooray" for the fact that Jesus bears my DAILY burdens!!