Plans.  I like those.  I like making plans and making them happen. 

I have all these happy little ducks that I get in a happy little row, but sometimes, when I'm least expecting it, BAM!  All my ducks go scattering!  They run around all crazy, like little fuzzy schizos and sometimes, they don't even know they're my ducks!

And, I betcha, God laughs.

He laughs because I've forgotten that He is the one who made those little ducks and it's HIS plan that matters.  It's HIS plan that will be completed.  It's been His plan the whole time.

Isn't it nice that His plan is a good plan?!  His plan is a loving plan.  His plan is an eternal plan. 
A plan for our future and our hope.

It's a good thing God's a better duck-herder than I am...