They're back...
The tears of exhaustion.
The tears of stress.
The tears of fear.

I should know by now that, when my body is tired, my mind fails.  When my mind is in less than top condition I tend to forget things.
  • I forget where I put my keys.
  • I forget to serve lunch.
  • I forget to sing.
  • I forget that I'm not strong enough to handle everything in my day.

I. Am. Powerless.

That pretty much sums it up!  [Case in point, when I leaned my not-quite-30-year old body over to retrieve Thomas the Tank Engine from under the couch (for the 14th time that afternoon), I let out an excruciating "ooOOOOoohh!"  My back did not like me at that moment!  My 4-year old son, however, jumped down, grabbed the train and said, "Look, mama!  I'm stronger than you because I getted it!"]  I forget so often that I am so, very weak!

But here's the kicker- the greatest thing I forget:
I don't have to be strong.

I don't have to be strong!  When Jesus gave me two beautiful children He didn't have the expectation that I would get it right the first time!  No!  When Jesus gave me a creative mind He didn't assume I'd always use it well!  No!  He knows I'm fallible!  He knows I will screw up!  And that's ok!

He made me weak because He loves to be strong.  Not only that, but He loves to be strong FOR ME.

The next time you reach a mental or emotional wall you are unable to climb, take a moment and picture Jesus standing in front of you.  He holds in front of Himself a door- a grand door that He opens for you.  This is the door to His heart and he's welcoming you in!  Take Him up on the offer!  Joyfully leave behind anything that could possibly keep you from this invitation and run!  Race through those doors and experience fullness of strength and confidence surround you as Jesus carries you in Himself over the wall which, moments before, was insurmountable!

Ah!  If only I would remember Jesus' welcoming arms in every moment of trial, confusion or pain! 

Lord, I repent of my pride in thinking I can go through life without you!  Teach me to see your invitation; teach me to run to your arms; teach me to ditch my haphazard attempts at scaling life's walls, and turn instead to You, who turn those obstacles into to lessons of glory!

Dear Readers,
What walls have you faced recently?  How have you experienced Jesus usher you into His arms and give you His own strength?  What have you found that aid you in training your heart and mind to Jesus' strength and not your own?