Unlike Neo in the Matrix, our pill has already been chosen.  As children of the Kingdom, our pill is that of JOY.  Actually, the moment our names are written in the Book of Life we are given an abundance of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control.  It's a package deal.  None of this picking and choosing, claiming and leaving-out nonsense- we get it all!  And among those treasures of the Spirit is JOY.

As Christians, joy is tenderly placed on our tongues- sweet and savory.
  We have but to swallow.  We have instant access to joy all the time!  Too often, however, we push that joy to the sides of our mouths in attempt to swallow down bitterness, resentment, heartache, trouble, fear and the like.  Consuming (and being consumed) by the hardships of life in no way negates the power of joy, but ignoring that beautiful piece of spiritual fruit will cause us only to choke on sin's bile.

Choose joy!  Please!  Just choose joy!  It's already yours!  You need only tap into the amazing, abundant riches of your inheritance through Jesus!

Joy is on your tongue- can you taste it?  Can you feel that hope of endurance tantalizing your spiritual taste-buds?  Choose joy... it's already yours!