I don't get much rest these days.  I'm no longer up through the night with an infant (within or without), and most of the teething is over (praise Jesus!), but I'm now left with a body that refuses to sleep.  Oh, I'll get a few hours here and there, and a nap (sometimes) in the day, but for the most part, I am one tired mama!  Couple that with my 4-year old son and 16-month old daughter, both of whom are very energetic, I covet my rest! 

There are days, however, when, despite a good night's sleep, I awake anxious and unable to focus.  Those mornings I have a shorter temper, a longer face and uneven mood swings!  My body may have gotten rest, but my soul...  my soul gets tired, too.

There is only one place for my soul to regenerate.  There is only one place where the core of my being is able to rest and that is in the heart of Jesus.  It is only when I soak my weary, aching soul in the balm of His Truth that I am flooded with excitement for the next hour... And I return when that strength is gone and I'm given another hour of endurance.  Those hours flow into each other until I have accomplished an entire day with a full soul- fed by the heavenly jewel of the Holy Spirit Himself.

Praise Jesus for granting us rest... rest for our weary souls!