This quote has meant the world to me recently and I wanted share its origin with you, my dear readers.  Rachel Anne Ridge of Home Sanctuary is a wealth of wisdom pertaining to creating a home environment which strengthens, encourages and blesses the family. 

Please take a few minutes to visit her website, and the context of today's photo-quote, which I have copied below:

Household Schedules for Pathetic Schedulers

I freely admit: I am a pathetic scheduler. 

I prefer to think of myself as a "free spirit," a "joyful creator," a "flexible need-meeter."

In other words, it's real easy for me to spend most of my time day dreaming and whistling dixie, rather than getting down to business and keeping a regular schedule. This can (and has been) a problem when it comes to maintaining the house and feeding children on a daily basis. What happens is, I play around until there is a crisis point: the house is a disaster, there is no food in the fridge, the laundry is overflowing, and someone needs a science project done by morning. 

That's when I get serious.

That's when I pull out my "Real World" schedule and start to dig my way out.

You know, we reviewed the process of schedule-making not long ago - in August. But I'm finding that what I *thought* would work....well, it ain't really workin' for me. So I'm back to the drawing board and figuring out what WILL work. Maybe you're right there with me, now that school is underway and you've had a chance to have a few meltdowns of your own.

Did you miss this tried-and-true, fantastically inspiring post? Let me direct you back to this one - the source for scheduling greatness:

How to make a housekeeping schedule

No matter how many times I read the ground rules above, I ALWAYS come away encouraged. I guess in-between-times I start to overcomplicate things in my head - and just listening to the calm voice of reason is reassuring. Yes, I can do this....again.

If you are feeling like a pathetic failure in this whole mommy/home management/wifey thing, allow me to just set you down for a minute and say this:

You are not a failure.

You are exactly who God made you to be. You must believe that you are uniquely gifted to meet your family's needs. Don't let the Pinterest boards, your Facebook friends' achievements, and organizing blogs make you feel "less than" the beautiful woman, mom, wife and home manager that you are. Life is full of messes - some of them glorious - and simply because you're in the middle of one does not mean that you have failed or will never succeed at this. My home and family are proof that things don't have to be perfect in order to be joyful and peaceful. Keep filling your heart with hope, and keep taking little steps each day. You're in this for the long haul and you're a work in process! Lighten up and tell yourself that you're going to make it....beautifully.

Today's Small Thing is to pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a look at the things that are - and aren't - working for you. Print off a "Real World" schedule and see if you can plug a few things in. Take a load off of today's burden and schedule some of the work throughout the rest of the week. If you just take care of today's work, tomorrow's will be there when you get to it. Each day, just get up and peck away at creating something that works for you.

Do you have a schedule that works for you? What tasks do you find difficult to schedule? Do you have some tricks that you've learned along the way that help you get things done?